What is the Personal Career Development Program?
The Personal Career Development Program (the “Program”) is a method created to encourage and foster employee advancement in pursuing career goals. This Program is designed to allow the employee to document their own personal career goals as well as steps the employee wants to take to move toward achieving these goals. The Program provides a place to document the goals and progress that is separate from the employee’s annual Performance Appraisal. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to allow employees who wish to do so the opportunity to prepare themselves for career advancement.

Is this program mandatory?
No, this Program is voluntary; although, you must meet two requirements before starting. You must have completed one (1) year of employment with the University and you must have received a minimum of “Meets standards” rating in your last performance appraisal.

How is this different from the annual Performance Appraisal?
This Program is employee-driven. This means when you are ready you will be able to request the Program from your supervisor. Additionally, you will not be evaluated by your supervisor as to whether you have met your personal action plan (though your supervisor will work with you to suggest ways in which you can meet your personal goals). Unlike failing to meet the goals set on your annual performance appraisal; failure to meet the personal career development action plans you outline in the Program will not negatively impact your performance appraisal. Any review of your Program action plans with your supervisor will take place separate from your yearly appraisal. 

How will I document my personal career development goals?  Where will they be tracked? 
The Program will be completed on a smart .pdf form and housed in Halogen. The Program will have areas to document your personal strengths and personal growth areas, functional skills and functional skills growth areas, short term professional goals (6-12 months), intermediate/long term professional goals (3-5 years) and action plan steps. The Program will also come with detailed instructions as to how to fill out the form in Halogen, and will include examples of each item listed above. 

How do I participate in the Program?  What is my supervisor’s role?
If you choose to participate in the Program, you will need to reach out to your supervisor and they will be able to get the form uploaded in Halogen. Once uploaded, you will need to fill out and save the form in Halogen. After you have completed the form, you will schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your Program action plans. At that meeting, your supervisor will assist you by providing comments and suggestions regarding the information you have provided. Your supervisor will also discuss available opportunities and training options with you.

How often will my progress be monitored?
As this is an employee-driven program, you should monitor your Program action plans as often as you see fit, and track your own progress using the Journal Notes tool in Halogen. Your supervisor will assist with progress tracking by meeting with you, at least twice a year, to discuss your relevant activities and help you re-evaluate and adjust your Program action plans as necessary.

Is this Program limited only to the Finance and Treasury division?
Yes, initially the Program will start with Finance and Treasury .

Where can additional information about this Program be found?
Information can be found on the Finance and Treasury website.

What are the limitations or restrictions with regards to participating in the Program (i.e., will the University pay for seminars or certifications, time out of the office for classes or mentoring, etc.)?
The University’s resources are offered at no cost. It will be at the departments’ discretion to pay for any costs associated with seminars or certifications. Time out of the office and/or mentoring will be arranged through your supervisor.

Where can examples of functional skills be found to better assist in my career development plan choices?
Human Resources website has examples of common positions at the University. You may also send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

Am I guaranteed a promotion when I complete the Program? 
You are not guaranteed a promotion when you complete the Program. When properly completed, you will have acquired additional skills, knowledge, and tools to better position yourself for advancement within the University. 

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