Permanent (True)

The donor stipulates the gift is to be maintained inviolate and in perpetuity, with only the income from this gift to be expended.


Same as permanent except that by the gift instrument, after a period of time the funds may be released from inviolability to permit all or part to be expended.


Funds which the Board of Trustees, not the donor, has determined are to be retained and invested with only the income available for spending. (Minimum - $50,000.)

Investment of Endowment Funds

The University's investment policy for endowments is to invest all funds in the Growth Pool unless specifically restricted from so doing by the donor or the Board of Trustees.

Growth Pool

The main objective of the Growth Pool is to increase the size of the University's endowment funds by:

  1. Investing in both stocks and bonds with an eye toward high yield and appreciation in value.
  2. Limiting the amount of income distributed for current spending to 5 percent of the three-year moving average market value of the pool. All income earned in excess of this 5 percent is added to endowment corpus.