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Accounting and Accounting Systems Topics
DMAS (Departmental Management Accounting System) - Manual
DMAS (Departmental Management Accounting System) - Power Point Presentation
FRS (Financial Records System) - Power Point Presentation
Understanding Funds, Attributes and New Accounts - Power Point Presentation

Account Reconciliation Training
How to Reconcile Accounts - Presentation Updated January 2015

Fiscal Year End References
Fiscal Year End 2016 Training Presentation for Gables/RSMAS Campus- Power Point Show
Fiscal Year End 2016 Training Presentation for Medical Campus- Power Point Show
Fiscal Year End 2016 Accounts Payable Processing Tips
Fiscal Year End 2016 Office of Research Administration Notes

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Batch Reference ID’s for A/P, Disbursements and Purchasing Subsystems
What is the impact of vendor checks and credit memos received on Purchase Order encumbrances
How to Close a Purchase Order and Remove the Encumbrance
What You Should Know Before Preparing a Journal Entry
What is the Monthly FR90 Report

General Points Presentations from Office of Audit and Advisory Services
Coral Gables Campus Presentation
Medical Campus Presentation

Training Schedule
Department Management Accounting System (DMAS) Training Schedule 2016

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