Frequently Asked Travel Questions

We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions received by the Travel Management Department. If you have a question not answered here, please contact Travel Management at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Does the University of Miami receive discounted rates for airline tickets?
A: No. At this time, the University of Miami does not receive discounted airfare rates. However, the University does participate in the American Airlines Business ExtrAA, a complimentary business travel rewards and incentive program designed to help small and mid-sized companies to reduce travel costs. Business ExtrAA members earn points for their company’s air travel which can be redeemed for flights and other exciting awards.

The University of Miami also participates in Delta Airlines’ SkyBonus program. The SkyBonus program allows the University to earn points towards business travel rewards.

I don’t have a University Travel Card. How can I pay for airline tickets for business travel?
A: If you don’t have a Travel Card, you can apply for a Departmental Airline P-Card, which can be used only for purchasing airline tickets. It may not be used for other travel expenses, such as hotel stays, food, or other travel-related expenses. To learn more about the Airline P-Card, visit Departmental Airline P-Card or


Who is considered an Authorized Travel Agency?
A: Travel agencies with an existing Business Contract between their agency and the University of Miami Travel Department. Click here to visit the Authorized Travel Agencies page.

How can I order a ticket from an Authorized travel Agency?
A: Select one of the Authorized Travel Agencies, and make your reservation with them. You will need to use the new Travel Corporate Card to purchase airline tickets and other travel expenses. THE GHOST CARD PROGRAM HAS BEEN PHASED OUT. Please contact the Corporate Card office to request a Travel Corporate Card.

What is the Travel Advance Request Form (TARF)?
A: The Travel Advance Request Form is used as a form of cash or direct payment to hotels and are made available only in cases of: extended trips of more than fourteen (14) consecutive days; travel to locations where the American Express card is not accepted; foreign travel; student travel; nonexempt staff travel; travel by those who have applied for, but not yet received their corporate charge card; and unusual or special circumstances as approved by the appropriate fiscal officer or authorized account signer.

See Travel Policy - Section XV

What is an Electronic Ticket (e-ticket) and how is it reported on a Business Expense Reimbursement Form?
A: An Electronic Ticket is Air travel reserved with an airline for which no paper ticket is issued. The reservation and seat assignment are secured within the airline’s computer reservation system only. The traveler must request a receipt from the travel agent or airline at the time of the booking or check-in at the airport in order to properly report the trip.


What discounts are available through Car Rental companies?
A: Rate information can be found on Travel Management’s Car Rental Discounts web page. We currently have discounts with Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty.

Do the negotiated car rental rates include insurance?
A: At this time, rental insurance is included for Business Rentals only. Personal rentals DO NOT include insurance. Thrifty Car Rental does not include insurance for any rentals.

The University of Miami utilizes the State of Florida’s Enterprise/National brand rental contract rates, which include the cost of insurance for business-related rentals only. Faculty and employees renting a vehicle for personal use are entitled to the contracted rates, but individuals will be responsible for insurance coverage.

NOTE: If you have a question regarding insurance, contact Risk Management at 305-284-3163.


What hotels have established discounts for University of Miami employees?
A:The Department of Travel Management has negotiated rates with several local hotels that offer significant discounts to the University. However, each hotel is different and some restrictions apply. Check the specific hotel listing for rates and restrictions.

LOCAL HOTELS - Miami and Fort Lauderdale:
Local Hotels - 2015 Rates

We also have a selection of hotels outside of South Florida, including Naples, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Additionally, we have discounts with Choice Hotels International, Hyatt Hotels, and IHG Hotels Nationwide:

State of Florida Hotels - 2015

Nationwide Hotels - Choice, HYATT, IHG Hotels

University of Miami travelers can even take advantage of discounts at select hotels across the globe!

NH World Hoteles - Europe, The Caribbean, Latin America

Are the discounted rates only for business travel?
A: No. The discounted rates are also available for employees on personal travel, parents of students, patients at UM Hospitals and UHealth International.

What are Blackout Dates?
A: There are times when the negotiated rates are not available due to high occupancy (“blackout dates”). Blackout dates vary by hotel, so check your specific hotel for details.


Click here for very important information on International Travel 

For Faculty, Staff, and Student, insurance related questions contact Risk Management at 305-284-3163.

In the event that I am in a foreign country and require special assistance what actions should I take?
A: Inform Risk Management before embarking on international travel. Print out 2 copies of the Travel Assistance Card for any issues you may have during the trip. Click here for UM Travel Assistance Card

Faculty International Travel Policy

International Per Diem Information - see Travel Policy Section X (Meals Expense). The U.S. State Department Foreign Per Diem Rates apply.


Where can I get information on other forms of payment, travel advances, use of other agencies, paying with personal credit cards, etc.?
A: For any questions related to payment forms, please contact Disbursements at 305-284-3564.


What is the University’s standard mileage allowance for travel by private automobile?
A: Click for detailed mileage information. Click here for Auto Mileage Log Form

What is the University of Miami’s Per Diem rate for meals?
A: Travelers claiming the per diem meal allowance are entitled to a full day’s allowance of fifty dollars ($50) if their departure time is before 3:00 p.m. If the departure time is after 3:00 p.m., the allowance is twenty-five dollars ($25). On the day of return, the full day’s allowance of fifty dollars ($50) may be claimed if the arrival time is after 3:00 p.m. If the arrival time is before 3:00 p.m., the allowance is twenty-five dollars ($25). The hours of departure and return must be entered in the eBERF.

The meal allowance is paid only when the traveler is away from the local area overnight or when attending an approved conference or other event in the local area that requires overnight stay at the conference hotel. The local area is defined as Miami-Dade or Broward counties. Justification describing the circumstances that require overnight stay must be attached to the eBERF. Click here for complete information.

What documentation do I need to attach to my Business Expense Reimbursement Form to ensure that my BERF is processed quickly and efficiently?
A: Please attach your boarding passes, ticket receipts, and any other receipts and documentation to validate your expenses. For more information, contact Disbursements at 305-284-3564.

If I am traveling on a Sponsored Account, what do I need to do?
A: Contact one of the three authorized Travel Agencies and request a fare that is compliant with the Fly America Act, which requires all travel on sponsored accounts be on an American domestic carrier. Ask your agent about Code sharing, a common travel industry practice, where airlines purchase seats on competitor flights. Airlines have allied with one another such as the American Airlines One-World Alliance which is a partnership with British Airways, Cathay, Iberian, LAN, and Quantas. This allows travelers to earn points on partnering airlines and expands domestic carrier’s presence to benefit the Fly America Act.


We have negotiated discounts with Super Shuttle (excluding Miami) and Airport Shuttle for transportation services to and from the airports. Airport Shuttles

TRAVEL POLICY – D015 Travel and Business Expense

Travel Policy governs all travel on UM business. Every traveler should read it and know their responsibilities. It is managed by the Disbursements Office.