The Department of Travel Management has partnered with major car rental agencies to provide the University of Miami community access to discounted rates for individuals traveling on University of Miami business. These rates are also available for University of Miami employees on personal travel.

All rented vehicles must be picked up by a University of Miami employee with a valid University-issued ID. ID must be shown at time of pickup, or rate will not be honored. The individual making the reservation must be the person picking up the vehicle. Spouses, other relatives or persons who are not University employees will not be allowed to pick up a vehicle.

For discounts extended to patients of University of Miami Hospitals and clinics and/or UHealth International Health Center, patients must verify discount availability with vendor directly.

Travel Management recommends “shopping/comparing” car rental rates, which will provide the best results due to the extremely dynamic marketplace which can be affected by location, day, demand and time of year of the rental.

It is highly recommended to use the University’s contracted car rental rates as a “benchmark” when comparing with other advertised rates. These rates are very competitive and are inclusive of CDW/SL insurance for business rentals.

The University is not responsible for car rental liability insurance on personal-use rentals; it is the responsibility of the renter to obtain car rental insurance when renting a vehicle for personal use.

Any employee involved in an accident while using a rental vehicle for University business must immediately report the accident to the rental agency as well as the University of Miami Risk Management department at 305-284-3163. The accident must be reported regardless of who is at fault.

- Examine the car prior to departure, noting all imperfections.
- Check the trunk and backseat.
- Never leave your luggage in a rented vehicle.
- Whenever possible, leave your car in a secured parking area. Be especially alert in underground parking areas.
- Always walk, drive, and park your car in well-lit areas.
- Walk to your car with keys in your hand.
- Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, leave immediately.