The Department of Travel Management serves as liaison between UM departments, disbursements, designated travel agencies, and the travel industry. Saving travel dollars is important, but improving service and providing new travel benefits is paramount.

While we do not facilitate or arrange travel plans, the Department of Travel Management works tirelessly to provide the University of Miami community with the best possible travel information and access to discounts on hotel stays and car rentals. 

To make travel arrangements, please start by contacting one of our Authorized Travel Agencies.

Hotel Rates

The University of Miami has launched a new Corporate Travel Card to facilitate the payment of University travel-related expenses. With the availability of this new card, departments will no longer have the ability to purchase airline tickets using the Ghost Card at the various agencies. Instead, employees will need to apply for the new Travel Card in order to pay for airline tickets and other travel expenses.

Departments with a need to pay for non-employee travel will need to have the designated employee with this job responsibility apply for the Travel Card so that they may continue to purchase non-employee tickets. Please note that tickets may be purchased from any of the authorized agencies using the new Travel Card.

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The Departmental Airline P-Card was created to provide a means to pay for air travel for non-employees, students and other groups traveling on University business. The card is issued by American Express within the UM P-Card Program. Download the Airline P-Card Fact Sheet or contact P-Card at 305-284-2417 for more details.


The mileage reimbursement rate for BUSINESS TRAVEL is currently 54 cents/mile. For additional mileage reimbursement information, please see Mileage Reimbursement Information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Disbursements Office at 305-284-3564.

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• Never leave credit card receipts in your hotel room.
• Upon entering your room, ensure that it is vacant by checking the closet, bathroom, and balcony.
• If you are traveling alone and going out at night, leave a note bedside describing your destination and your attire for the evening.
• Take notice of guests entering the elevator after you, especially if they fail to select a floor. Do not exit the elevator on your floor. Return to the lobby and take another elevator.