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On the September 7, 2005 Student Government Senate meeting, a resolution to endorse the GREEN U program authored by John Constantinide, Speaker Pro Tempore, and sponsored by Elena Smukler, Commuter Senator, unanimously passed. Working with the University Student Government and the Student Community will enhance our overall program.

Author: John Constantinide

     Speaker Pro Tempore

Sponsor: Elena Smukler

     Commuter Senator

WHEREAS, Green U is a program aiming to make the University of Miami more sustainable through the use of environmentally responsible materials, maintenance, and operations procedures for existing and new buildings;

WHEREAS, Green U oversees the improvement and management of all programs that are concerned with minimizing the impact of our environment and its resources;

WHEREAS, Student Government projects, including the Recycle ?Canes project, Project COMMUTicate, and the wireless printing project, would greatly benefit from the backing of the Green U program;

BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Miami Student Government fully endorses the mission and goals of the Green U program in order for the University of Miami to act more responsibly towards the environment and its resources.