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New Process Implementation

If a department is considering using a third party vendor (not CaneLink website) to manage payments and/or charges, they are responsible for contacting the appropriate individuals at the University to ensure that the process has been approved and checked for PCI compliance. The following persons should be involved:

Hiram Sem, Treasury Executive Director

Oversees web payment processes such as electronic check (ACH) and credit card processing.

Jose Abreu, Systems Analyst, Information Technology

Manages programming for credit card payment process at the University.

Connie Barrera, Manager IT Security

Manages the review of front- and back-end processes to insure PCI Compliance as required.

Aimee Echeverri, Systems Manager OSAS

Manages web payment transactions that are sent to FRS/GL through the Accounts Receivable (PIDMS) system.

Accounts Receivable System

Departments who need to process online credit card and electronic check (ACH) payments on CaneLink must contact the ERP Team in Information Technology to determine what the best course of action for their process is. A payment classification must be identified to determine how funds will be managed by the system.

Payment Classification

  1. AR (Accounts Receivable) - Payments that will be tracked in the Accounts Receivable system must have a corresponding charge for the funds that are received and credited to the student's account.
    1. For example - Tuition deposits are offset by a tuition charge. The same applies to housing deposits and law school tuition deposits.