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A New Era Begins

South Florida’s future as a biotech hub got considerably brighter on Tuesday, when the University of Miami officially dedicated its ambitious Life Science…

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Suggestions for Reducing Loss to University Personal Property

  • Move all transportable equipment away from un-shuttered windows and secure against interior walls.
  • Take all employee personal property home.
  • Cover computers, typewriters, office furnishings, including desks and file cabinets, with plastic sheeting. Secure sheeting with twine or rope so that it will remain in place in the event a window is blown out.
  • Store small equipment inside covered filing cabinets.
  • Remove valuable papers and artwork to a more secure area for storage until after the storm.
  • Plastic garbage cans with lock down tops may be used to store valuable equipment and papers.
  • Secure or develop an inventory of all office equipment and furnishings. The inventory should include: description of item, decal numbers, serial numbers, and value.
  • Secure and keep in a safe place, copies of purchase orders used to purchase each item in your equipment inventory.
  • Maintain a copy of the attached directions for completing a property claim for University equipment damaged or destroyed.