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Beyond Bananas and Breadfruit

Whether or not you’ve visited the Caribbean, you’ve likely consumed the fruits of the region—and not just the bananas and breadfruit, which ironically…

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Vendors may call 305-284-5751 to request an appointment with a Purchasing agent to determine if any current business opportunities exist.

The University of Miami is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with fair, ethical and legal trade practices when doing business with the University. ‘CaneWatch is an anonymous and confidential web and telephone tool for reporting violations of policies or regulations at any of the UM campuses. Anyone can use ‘CaneWatch to express a concern or report a problem such as fraud, waste, or abuse by visiting www.canewatch.ethicspoint.com or by calling 877-415-4357.

A University of Miami Vendor application must be completed and will be held on file until a University department indicates that good and/or services are required from a vendor. Goods and services must only be provided after a University of Miami purchase order number or a University PCard number have been provided.

University policy prohibits our employees and members of their immediate family from accepting gifts or travel incentives from those companies supplying goods or services to the University. We include in the definition of a gift the use of entertainment, property or personal facilities for weekends, vacations or any other reason. See Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics for more info.

Vendors are encouraged to negotiate agreements with the University which provide favorable terms and conditions such as special pricing, delivery, and payment terms. The University expects the pricing and terms to be extended to all of its schools and administrative offices.

Once a business relationship has been established, the University expects agreement terms to be honored at all times.