Gables One Tower,
1320 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 400,
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Ph. 305-284-5751 Main Fax 305-284-2428 

Purchasing Team

Susan R. Montes CPM, CPPO
Chief Procurement Officer

Rosalind Bacon

Assistant Buyer
Supply Chain Receptionist


Annette Arriera
athletics, coffee, clinical, computer supplies, consulting services, facilities, fees and licenses, I.T., nursing, office equipment, parking water, public safety, seminars, printing, staffing, telecom, training, vehicles and vehicle rental, supplies and services

Carlos Fayad

beepers, cell phones, document storage and destruction, imaging, telephone equipment and services

Claudette Alexander

apparel, athletic equipment, awards, bookstores, cardiology, catering, dining services, entertainment, events, furniture, flowers, hotels, library, mailing services and supplies, novelties, office supplies and equipment, plants, plaques, promotional items, rehabilitation, trophies, uniforms

Daisy Figueroa

Assistant Buyer
appliances, audio/video, cell phones, consulting, electronics, FedEx, imaging, photo supplies and services, seminars and training

Ignacio Calle

Senior Buyer
advertisements, athletics, cable TV, capital equipment, clinical, computer hardware and software, contracts, copier and fax equipment and supplies, I.T., legal, library, medical bills, nursing, postal equipment supplies and services, printing services, staffing, telecommunication, temporary personnel services

Julia Vallejo

Assistant Buyer
apparel, art supplies, books, cardiology, drama supplies, dining services, facilities, graduation supplies, hospital supplies and services, learning materials, magazines, office supplies and equipment, parking, public safety, school subscriptions, supplies, typewriter maintenance, uniforms

Kenneth P. Pallais

alarms, capital equipment, carpet, charters for land and sea, equipment, facilities, fire equipment, hardware, landscaping, lumber, pest control, pool supplies, security systems

Luis Penate

Assistant Buyer
buses, computer software and hardware, equipment maintenance, facilities, memberships & dues, PMM warehouse, research supplies, security supplies and services, tax exemption,

Tashina Arota

Assistant Buyer
appliances, audio and video, consulting, electronics, freight, photo, seminars & training

Hospitals and Clinics

Claudia Laurindo
consulting services, hospital supplies and services, service agreements, subcontracts

Dorothy "Dee Dee" Wise

Senior Buyer
apparel, consulting, office supplies and equipment, relocations, uniforms


Director, Supply Chain Management

Gilda "Gigi" Nunez-Perez

Director for Hospitals and Clinics
clinical, interventional radiology, nursing

Hazel Townsend

Assistant Buyer
fees & licenses, furniture, hospital supplies and services, neurology, orthopedic, printing

Jessica Gorecki

Assistant Buyer
chemicals, computer hardware and software, computer supplies, facilities, hospital supplies and services, lab equipment and supplies

Lisa Cunningham

Assistant Buyer
audio and video equipment, alarms, hospital supplies and services, security systems and supplies, pool supplies

Loida Cooper

Assistant Buyer
appliances, answering services, biohazard waste, capital medical equipment, hospital supplies and services, imaging, lab supplies and services, laundry, medical surgical supplies, medical waste, temporary personnel services and staffing, testing materials, uniforms, utilities

Pearl Jenkins

gasses, hospital supplies and services, legal fees, patient transportation, subscriptions, tax exemption, transcription service


chemicals and lab supplies, hospital supplies and services, lab tests, medical equipment, seminars and training

Zonnie Brown

books, cable TV, equipment maintenance and agreements, magazines software, surgical products, surveys

UMeNET, Strategic Sourcing, PMM

Boyd Bartow
Technical Manager for UMeNET
UMeNET approval flow forms

Heidi Tyre

Training Manager
training and marketing of purchasing systems, UMeNET approval flow forms

Jd Jiang, C.P.M.

Assistant Technical Manager
loading UMeNET suppliers, shipping addresses, UMeNET approval flow forms

Kathleen Torres

Vendor Management Specialist
supplier applications

Madeleyne Barcelo

IT Trainer
UMeNET, Mckesson Strategic Supply Sourcing, and Horizons/PMM, UMeNET help desk

Chris Riveron

Database Administrator for MSCM/MSSS

Michelle Roy

IT Trainer
UMeNET, Mckesson Strategic Supply Sourcing, and Horizons/PMM

Ross Schwelm

Database Administrator for MSCM/MSSS