Kronos Supervisor/Approver Help

Worked Day Off Overtime Changes - For Kronos Supervisors

Worked Day Off Overtime Changes - For Employees

Canceling Automatic Meal Deductions in Kronos

Adding, Updating and Deleting Schedules in Kronos

Generating a Report in Kronos - Instructions on how to download different Reports in Kronos (PowerPoint)

How to do a Phone Audit in Kronos - Instructions on how to retrieve the phone number/s an employee clocks in/out from. - ( PowerPoint )

Kronos Grace Periods and Rounding

Kronos Schedules - Coral Gables/Marine and Hospital Schedules in Kronos

Kronos Supervisor’s Manual - Supervisor training manual for the Kronos System.

Managing Time Off in Kronos - Instructions for handling Leave of Absence - Intermittent leave, Short Term Disability and Industrial leave.

Approving students with Multiple Assignments. - Supervisors guidelines on how to approve for students with multiple assignments. - (PowerPoint)

Time Keep Location Numbers - Table listing different available time keep location numbers for students to use when clocking into multiple assignments. Please contact Payroll office 8-6787 in order to add a number to this list.

Kronos Tags - Department Tag List for Gables/RSMAS/Medical.