is required for NIH deadlines from September 25- October 16, 2013. The following training materials include a hands-on workshop presentation, a proposal checklist, a sample R01 Research Grant Parent Announcement, and the necessary software requirements to assist you.

This presentation contains training materials, which includes the following objectives:

  • -Learn how to prepare for electronic submission through
  • -Familiarize yourself with the SF424 (R&R) form and the new Adobe C Forms.
  • -Understand the University of Miami‚Äôs process for submitting electronically.
  • -Avoid common mistakes when submitting electronically through

Checklist for NIH proposal review.

You can view this sample R01 Research Grant Parent Announcement in order to become familiar with the required fields and uploads to complete the application.

This document contains the software requirements for filling out your R01 research grant application.