My Awards information can be obtained through the Research Reporting System (RRS). If you do not have access to RRS, you would need to submit an RRS Access Form. For detailed instructions on viewing your My Awards information, please view Navigating My Awards. Please visit our Effort Reporting page for information related to effort certification and the ECRT system.

This page contains information on the sponsored expenditures by funding source and the Top 10 Departments- Institution Wide with their total fiscal year expenditures.

Login to RRS to view your My Awards information. Please note that if this is your first time logging into RRS, you will need to fill out and submit the RRS Access Form.

Delegate access can be granted at the PI level or Department level. This page contains instructions on how to delegate access to awards.

This document contains detailed instructions with screen shots that can guide you in navigating the My Awards section of the Research Reporting System.