Upon account closeout, University of Miami researchers are responsible for submitting the scientific and invention reports which most sponsors require. Your departmental administrator and the post-award office will prepare the financial report, usually due 90 days after the project's end. Failure to submit these reports promptly may jeopardize your future funding, and the University's. Researchers at the University of Miami may refer to the following policies for information about closing out accounts:

This policy provides the procedure for closing a sponsored award, a process by which a sponsor determines that all applicable administrative actions and all required work has been completed by the recipient and the sponsoring agency.

Here you will find the policies and procedures to be followed when the PI of a sponsored project wishes to transfer the award(s) to another institution.

Please view this policy in order to learn about the University’s position concerning the disposition of funds remaining when a sponsored program has been completed and the funding for the program is in the form of a fixed price award.

The purpose of this policy is to establish the circumstances when equipment purchased with sponsored awards may be transferred to another institution during the life of the project.

This policy includes guidelines for the submission and evaluation of expenditures in the final phase of a sponsored project period.

Please use this form to close-out or extend a pharmaceutical account.