The University of Miami is testing the Emergency Notification Network (ENN). This is only a TEST! All campuses are fully operational. This TEST is required by law and assists the University in evaluating the performance of multiple emergency communication methods. Feedback regarding the UMiami ENN system can be given by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please review the information provided below for more details regarding this test and how to get prepared! Read More »

Jill Frazier Tincher, Executive Director
Tel: 305-284-3952

Monique Torres, Senior Administrative Assistant
Tel: 305-284-4093

Michelle Ward, Project Manager Tel: 305-284-4228
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Elizabeth Gonzalez - Tel: 305-284-4172
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Elisa Rangel, Sr. Manager - Tel: 305-284-3902
Jacqueline Asenjo - Tel: 305-284-2835
Sonia Constante - Tel: 305-284-3912
Veronica Delgado - Tel: 305-284-3760
Ines Lopez - Tel: 305-284-4161
Jada Padilla - Tel: 305-284-3760
Nora Rodriguez -Tel: 305-243-7032

Non-Federal CT, CDAs, MTAs, Master Agreements
D. Stewart MacIntyre, J.D., Sr. Manager - Tel: 305-284-3875
Tatiana Don, J.D. - Tel: 305-284-4262
Douglas Dodson - Tel: 305-284-4322
Amber Saunders, J.D. - Tel: 305-284-4193
Adam Siegel, J.D. - Tel: 305-284-4248

All Other Contracts
Karen Hurdle, Sr. Manager - Tel: 305-284-3892
Ruben Bilbao, J.D. - Tel: 305-284-4291
Chandra Persaud - Tel: 305-284-4267
Cristina Serafini, J.D. - Tel: 305-284-4255

Tatyana Vikhlyantseva, Sr. Manager - Tel: 305-284-3942
Maritriny Escobar - Tel: 305-284-4279
Bianca Krysztof- Tel: 305-284-4163
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sandra Rosa - Tel: 305-284-4309
Patricia Shearer - Tel: 305-284-4315