Please use this checklist when you are developing a study budget.

This template facilitates the development of an internal budget, including personnel and institutional costs.

Every Principal Investigator (PI) at the University of Miami is required to complete, route and obtain institutional approval before submitting a proposal to an agency. Please use the PCRF-L or PCRF-S to obtain this approval. Please use the Decision Matrix to determine which form to use or visit the forms page for additional details.

In the absence of an award letter, an account may be opened or extended under guarantee. The Guarantee Form can be used to request opening or extending an account without an award letter. Please keep in mind that if not awarded, the guarantee account is liable for expenses charged.

The Subrecipient Commitment Form must be submitted with grant applications that include subawardees/subcontractors to the Office of Research Administration (ORA). ORA will not issue subawards/subcontracts without the completed Subrecipient Commitment Form.

This flowchart contains the process involved with subawarding to another entity.

Overview of University guidelines for specific terms in research agreements.