Sustainability Manager

Teddy Lhoutellier
Teddy Lhoutellier is the current Sustainability Manager for the University of Miami. Teddy graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University, holding a MS degree in Environmental Studies - Energy Policy.

Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Environmental Science are his passion. He's a solar advocate, and a big supporter of Distributed photo-voltaic systems and smart grids.
As an Environmental Science and Environmental Policy Instructor at Florida International University, he has been a constant partner of the Go Green Team. He encouraged his students to work in coordination with the Office on different green projects. He spent 4 years as an Outreach Coordinator for a Miami based Solar Panels Distributor. He built an International Training program that aimed at promoting Photo-voltaic distributed systems among Electrical Engineering students. Through his career as an instructor, he has always pushed his students to get involved and participate in Community projects. He's an active member of many environmental organizations in Miami Dade, and try to help volunteering with his 2 daughters every time he can.

In the near future, our main challenge as a local community will be to adapt to the impacts of Sea Level Rise. But we should also tackle the root of the problem and try to become Carbon neutral as fast as we can.
When we think about what needs to be done to stop the trend in Human induced Global Warming, we can adopt various attitudes, we can either keep on living our life, business as usual, hoping that "they" will fix the problem, even though we are not sure who exactly are "they", OR we can start acting now, either by being a more active citizen, or by being a more conscious consumer. We have the power to change things.

So join Green U - ECO, and make a difference right here at UM for a better, greener campus !"

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Executive Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Ken Capezzuto
Kenneth P. Capezzuto joined the University in 1990 and was appointed Director of Environmental Health and Safety in January, 2005. Previously, he served as the University’s Hazardous Materials Specialist for 15 years. Mr. Capezzuto received a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from John Carroll University in Cleveland Ohio and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami.

Mr. Capezzuto is responsible for developing and overseeing the environmental compliance, and employee and occupational safety programs at the university and provides the necessary training to avoid occupational, biological and chemical hazards.

Mr. Capezzuto is working to make the university safer through FEMA-sponsored grant programs. Since 2003, the university has improved the resistance of its infrastructure to natural disasters and has been awarded $10.2 million for 11 completed building projects, 3 building projects to be completed in 2006, 19 building projects to start in late 2006, and a $3 million grant for BPEI waiting approval. Future projects have been submitted to the Local Mitigation Strategy committee (LMS).

In early 2005, the University has undertaken the steps to adopt sustainable environmental policies, minimizing the total lifecycle of building ownership costs and environmental impact. Mr. Capezzuto is leading the Green U program which comprises a task force of personnel from various university departments as well as the student community. The university has registered its first building project with the US Green Building Council for LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) certification.