Did you know that on average Americans only recycle about one tenth of their trash? Did you also know that recycling can benefit the environment, the economy, and is good for the University? In accordance with the Green U mission, the University of Miami has a single-stream recycling program campus wide, meaning much more materials can be captured. Our goal is to make it easier for you to help the university reduce its environmental impact. Small changes such as recycling more can make a large difference. Thanks in advance for your support!!

Single Stream: Single Stream at the central locations: under the SLAB stairs, entrance to library, and the cafeteria. This is indicated on Bins. Please see sign located below to indicate what can and cannot go in bins.
- Single stream recycling means that all recyclable materials can go in to one bin. These items should not be placed in the trash can
- It is encouraged that caps are removed and bottles are emptied prior to placement in recycling receptacle.
- Food waste and other materials not for recycling is not to be placed in the recycling side of these units. If a container that can be recycled has food waste please scrape into trashcan first then place recyclable item in recycle bin.

Paper: All existing Paper bins stay “as is”. Paper will be captured near key areas as usual and these are paper only. Recycling paper is a great way to help the environment by reducing the need to cut down trees.

Batteries, Printer/toner cartridges, and Cell phones: Under the front stairway of the SLAB there is a bin to recycle these items.

Cardboard: Cardboard can go to dumpster located in the NE corner of front parking lot.