Add a Green U footer to your e-mails

The Green U program at the University of Miami has designed a small footer image with a link to the Green U site. Placing this element at the end of your messages can remind people how their actions can help, even if it means remembering to conserve paper when possible.

The footer looks like the one below, but its a bit larger. We had to shrink it to fit this Web page. It features a green leaf with a "Don't Print" icon followed by the message: "Help conserve paper. Print this e-mail only if necessary."

When in place, a small banner will appear at the bottom of your e-mails that looks like this if you are using Microsoft Outlook:

Adding the Footer

Due to the many different e-mail applications currently in use, it is difficult to provide specific instructions. In addition, some services do not allow image-based footers. Check the "Options" or "General Preferences" section of your e-mail application to learn more.

Most e-mail services refer to this footer area in an e-mail as the "signature" area. Traditionally, it is where users place a standard closing that the e-mail application will add to all outgoing e-mails. This saves time so that the e-mail user doesn't have to repeatedly add this material on each message they compose.

The signature area commonly features additional contact information, a famous quote, or an affiliated organizational logo and slogan.

Once you find this area in your e-mail application's menu system, check and see if it allows you to include embedded HTML and/or images. If it does, copy the HTML code below and paste it into the appropriate signature field.

For Outlook Users

Many University of Miami faculty, staff, and students use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to check e-mail. Using Outlook, you can add the signature by:

• Right-click this link and save the HTML file to your desktop.
• In Outlook, select Tools | Options...
• Once the Options window opens, select the Mail Format tab
• Click on the Signatures button.
• Once the Create Signature window opens, click on New
• When the Create New Signature window opens, enter a unique name for the signature like "Green U Signature."
• Select the radio button Use this File as a template
• Use the Browse... button to open the "bottom.html" file you just saved to your desktop.
• Click OK.
• Test your new signature.
• Once it works, you can delete the file from you desktop
• Go back to the signature and edit it, adding new information above or below it if you wish.