The Rosenstiel campus’s energy operations and initiatives fall under the auspices of the Facilities Administration Department, assisted by resources made available by the Coral Gables and Medical campuses. 
The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science has grown into one of the leading academic oceanographic and atmospheric research institutions in the world. 
The 65 acre campus is located on Virginia Key, Florida and its facilities are more complex and offer greater opportunities for energy conservation than most traditional schools.  Our initiatives in this area include:

• Completed the calibration of exhaust fume hoods to reduce the wasteful consumption of conditioned air.
• Completed the conversion of all T-12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts to T-8 fluorescent lamps with    electronic ballasts.
• Completed the replacement of the campus’s central chiller plant with an efficient state of the art system that features    a constant chilled water supply pressure in lieu of a constant volume system.
• Ongoing replacement program of air handlers to ensure efficient heat exchange.
• Completed the staffing initiative of an “energy technician” with expertise in building systems controls to improve air    temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring and managing capabilities.
• Ongoing implementation of an aggressive roof inspection program.
• Ongoing preventive maintenance program to ensure the equipment operates optimally and extends its useful life.