The Department of Facilities & Support Services is organized into a distinct Facilities operation serving the Medical Campus with their own leadership for energy conservation initiatives.

The Medical Campus has invested over $53 million in energy, steam and water based projects over the past 3 years.  The University of Miami’s Cat 5 hardened flagship utility, a 20,000 ton district cooling and 14 Megawatt emergency power grid is one of the largest in the state.  It has received national recognition for its state of the art monitoring and highly efficient levels of operations.  This investment is representative of the University’s commitment to the environmental and energy conservation efforts on a national stage.   

Smaller yet important energy conservation based improvements across its 4 million square feet of mixed use space continue to be implemented.  Those areas include modernization upgrades in lighting, ventilation, energy recovery and advanced controls and monitoring.

The University of Miami’s active ear and utility tariff challenges have contributed to tariff reductions in the millions of dollars at the enterprise level and many millions more for Florida, Power & Light’s (FPL) residential and commercial based customers.

Additional large scale energy conservation based projects such as TES (Thermal Energy Storage) and chill water loop extensions to the University of Miami Hospital and Life Science Park are being planned for 2012.