HVAC is a major component of the total energy expenditure in a building and the department is heavily reliant on the utilization of air conditioning and humidity control systems.  The chiller plants are major systems that produce refrigerated chilled water needed to deliver air conditioning to commercial/ institutional buildings.  Our initiatives in this area include:

• An expansion plan to increase central chilled water plant production to eliminate inefficient standalone equipment.
• The migration and expansion of campus wide Energy Management Systems (EMS).
• A robust preventive maintenance (PM) program ensures the equipment operates optimally and extends its useful    life.
• A curtailable electrical rate in exchange for the ability to shut down utility plant equipment during periods of peak    demand.
• The monitoring of equipment run times to adjust to the academic calendar as needed. 
• The modification of operational schedules to reduce equipment runtimes (ex: cleaning schedules).
• A cooperative effort with the Office of the Registrar to coordinate the complete shutdown of select buildings.
• Ongoing program to perform test & balance to ensure equipment optimization and meet building demands.
• Monthly energy reporting to monitor building occupant energy consumption.