Do like our entire Real Estate and Facilities Department:
Get rid of your desk trash can and get Green U certified in no time!

You want to see more sustainable changes in your office?  Green U is here to help!

Get your office Green U Certified !

Step 1:
- Download the
application, and the CHECKLIST
- Review the documents, and have the application signed by your Office Director.

Step 2:
- Invite Green U for a 20 min presentation to your next Staff meeting. You can also take the Sustainability 101 workshop to get Professional Development credits.
- Review the checklist with your team. Once they signed the application, send it to.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and you can start the program!

Step 3:
- Implement the program by making sure you completed each item of the checklist.
- When you’re ready, get your final score on our Point Calculator. The more points you apply to, the closer you get to Gold certification!
- When you feel ready, contact the.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to schedule a final audit. There is no deadline, you go at your own pace!


- 10 reusable bottle to the first 10 offices applying to the Green U Certification program.

- Earn 50 points in the Well ’Canes Incentive Program. To qualify, office teams need to sign up for the Green Office Certification Program and trade their desk trashcans for communal trash bins. As research shows, employees who keep only recycle bins at their workstations not only walk more, but significantly increase single-stream recycling in the workplace!


- Download our Green Tips poster
- Download the Turn off the light stickers, print them on 5167 labels
- Download the Green Pledge stickers, print them on 5264 labels.
- Download our U Conserve Campaign poster > Print in color
- Download our Recycling at UM presentation
- Download the “Set Double Sided B & W printing by default on your PC” document
- Download the “Take back the Tap” link
- Download the Carpool board document

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