Sebastian Says “Help the U save energy”

The University’s Green U program in partnership with the Energy Management programs has develop tips that can help you at home or on campus to create a Greener University of Miami by helping save energy and resources.

Here our some tips that you can use to help be sustainable in the Office!!!

1. Set computer and other electronics to sleep when not in use.

2. Plugging your computer and electronics into a power strip makes it easier to turn off and helps protect against a power surge. Turn electronics off at night and on weekends to save energy.

3. Use natural day lighting through windows instead of turning on the lights. Close or adjust windows blinds when sun is shining directly onto your windows! This will improve the A/C efficiency.

4. Turn off the lights when you are not in your office; turn off at end of day.

5. Utilize electronic document management to reduce the amount of paper used. When you do have to print, set printers and copiers to default on double-sided printing and use 100% recycled-content paper.

6. Recycle! University of Miami has single-stream recycling. All recyclable items such as paper, magazines, soft cover books, newspapers, cans, aluminum, and plastics (#1 -7 on bottom of bottle) can be placed in the same bin. Each office has location for single stream recycling!

7. Use reusable mugs, cups, plates, and utensils in the kitchen. Help reduce the unneeded waste created by

8. Keep your air conditioning on a reasonable temperature like 75° F and set it higher to 78°F on nights and weekends.

9. Save time and money through public transit, carpooling and holding web meetings instead of traveling.

10. Turn off coffee pots and other appliances when not in use! Turn off copy machines and other office equipment at end of day!

11. Encourage others to be sustainable and help spread the word of the Green U mission. Together we can make a more environmentally friendly University of Miami.