FRS Batch Reference Listing

Batch references are used in the University’s accounting system (FRS and DMAS) and are associated with the originator of an accounting transaction.  The originator may be an individual or a subsystem.  The list provided, organized by batch reference initials, gives the information about the name of the individual or the subsystem who originated a transaction and a telephone number to call if there are questions about the transaction.

Click here to download the Batch Reference List.

To request a new batch reference, or to make changes to an existing batch reference, click on Batch ID Request to Create, Change or Inactivate and then complete and submit the form per the instructions given.

Note: that when an employee with a Batch Reference ID leaves the department or the University, the Controller’s Office should be notified using this form. An ID cannot be deleted if there were transactions made while the employee was in the department. ID’s will be deleted by the Controller’s Office only after they have not been used for 10 years.

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