Accounts & Departments

The Controller’s Office is responsible for approving requests for new accounts, assigning account numbers, deleting old and changing account titles in the accounting system.  In addition, we add departments, change department names and delete departments when requested.  For information, please see the procedures to follow under the headings below:

- ACCOUNTS: Click here for procedures to: a) create an account, b) initiate changes to accounts, or c) delete an existing account.

Click on the following link to review important changes regarding account creation.

Change to FRS account create forms and process - Effective 9/25/2014

Important News Effective September 25, 2014:
Any e-mail request submitted to the Controller’s Office for changes to existing accounts must include the Workday Cost Center Name and Cost Center Number for each account

- DEPARTMENTS: Click here for procedures to: a) change an official department name, b) create a new department, or c) delete an existing department.
If a department is to be inactivated or combined with another department, click on Request to Move Account Numbers or Delete Accounts and then complete and submit the form per the instructions given.

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