Accounting System Transaction Codes

The University’s Accounting systems (FRS and DMAS) use transaction codes.  Transaction codes identify to the system what type of entry or entries the system will be recording.  Transaction codes are three digits in length. 

Listed below are the transaction codes the system accepts grouped by Budget transactions, Actual transactions, Encumbrance transactions and Bank Transfers:

Budget transactions (used in all transactions affecting budget).  The range is from 020 to 029. Specific transaction codes used are:

    - 020 Original Fiscal Year Budget            
    - 021 Revised Budget  

Actual transactions (used for cash receipts, cash disbursements, journal entries, interdepartmental requisitions).  The range is as follows:

    - 030 to 039 Cash Receipts
    - 040 to 049 Cash Disbursements
    - 060 to 069 Journal Entries and Interdepartmental Requisitions

Encumbrance transactions (used to record commitments for salaries and fringe benefits, purchase orders, telephone services, restricted funds in sponsored accounts such as F & A (Overhead code 8101) and other types listed in “Expense Object Code Explanations” - code 3758). The range is as follows:

    - 050 to 059 Encumbrances

Bank Transfer transactions (used to transfer transactions from one accounting system bank account to another - use restricted to Bursar and Controller’s Office). The range is as follows:

    - 090 to 097 Bank Transfers

Beginning balance (use restricted to Controller’s Office only).

    - 098 Beginning Balance

If you have any questions about what transaction code to use call General Accounting at 305-284-4244.