•  The Financial Records System (FRS) Office is the data custodian for FRS data and reporting.  This area is responsible for daily, monthly, and yearly system checks and balances to maintain data integrity.  The FRS Office is responsible for overseeing various year-end system processes such as Chart of Account creation and purge, payroll encumbrance initialization, encumbrance reversals and carry forward, fiscal and project closing and FRS dataset creation and archiving. This area is the network administrator and webmaster for the Controller’s Office.

•  The FRS area provides user support for the following:

        -  FRS reporting – requests for recurring or ad-hoc financial reports
            or downloads

        -  FRS/DMAS system issues – resolving system discrepancies
            related to encumbrances, balance forward amounts, etc.

        -  Financial Reporting Data Warehouse – provides support for
            creating report templates

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