Occupational Health Program for individuals who have contact with research animals:
Injuries - Post this in your work area FAQ's

Contact with Non-Human Primates:
Download and print this Medical Alert Card
Medical Alert Card (PDF)

B Virus Exposure:
If you sustain an INJURY or have an EXPOSURE INCIDENT while working with non-human primates, take the following forms with you to the healthcare provider:
Guidelines for Care of Persons with Potential Exposure to Herpes B-virus
Post- Exposure Management of Herpesvirus Simiae (B-virus)

Submitting samples to National B Virus Resource Center:
Instruction Sheet (PDF) - For the collection and shipment of samples.
Submission Form (PDF) - To be completed and shipped with samples
Additional links:
Guidelines for Prevention of Herpesvirus Simiae (B Virus) Infection in Monkey Handlers
Fatal Cercopithecine herpesvirus 1 (B Virus) Infection Following a Mucocutaneous Exposure and Interim Recommendations for Worker Protection