You must have a UPrint Guest Card to be able to print.

Guests without a CaneCard (ID card) from the University of Miami will need to purchase a Guest Card and add funds to it. A Guest Card can be purchased at the Richter Library Circulation Desk. Funds can be added to the Guest Card using the workstation near the printers in the Richter Library. A $0.50 “convenience charge” will be deducted from the amount added to the Guest Card each time value is added to it.

1) After selecting PRINT, choose the right printer (printer driver)
For black & white printing, select UMbw
For color printing, select UMcolor


2) You will get this pop-up screen where you need to fill-in three fields:

Enter your Cane ID (Enter the Guest Card number)
Enter the last 4 digits of the Guest Card number
Enter a name for your print job (for your tracking)


Go to any UPrint printer to release your job and print.

NOTE: You will be required to swipe the Guest Card in order to release your job at the printer.