Where can I use UPrint?
UPrint is available at different locations on the Coral Gables, Medical, and RSMAS campuses.

At the Coral Gables campus, it is available at the Libraries and at the printing labs in the different schools. It is also available at the residence halls, the University Village, University Center, and many classrooms. Below is a map of UPrint locations on the Coral Gables campus:

At the RSMAS campus, UPrint is available in the Library.

How do I print on the UPrint System?
When you are ready to print a document, click on PRINT, as you normally do at your computer workstation. You will get a pop-up window to select which printer to use. Select the printer driver that you need (see: Workstation Guide).

Follow the instructions on the screen of your computer.

When you click on PRINT, the print job will be stored in a queue until you are ready to print it. Print jobs will be held in your queue up to 6 hours, so you will not need to go to the printer after each time you send a document. This allows you to pick up all your jobs at one time, and no one will be able to see them in the meantime.

To print the job, go to a UPrint printer and swipe your CaneCard in the card reader. If you don’t have your Cane Card with you, you can use the touch screen to type in your CaneID (Not the C number but your Cane ID) and follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: If you are a first-time user, you must type in your Cane ID for at least one job before you can use the CaneCard Swipe option.

You will be able to see all your jobs that are pending for printing in the queue. You can proceed to select a specific one or send them all to print.

How do I make copies on the UPrint System?
Usage of the copying service is similar to using any traditional copier, as the machine has a user-friendly screen to guide you. You can swipe your card to pay for your copies. 

How do I scan documents?
Usage of the scanning service is similar to copying, and the scanner has a user-friendly screen to guide you. You can even scan documents directly to your email. There is no charge for scanning services.


How will I pay for my printing?
Students registered for credit classes will have an annual allowance of 100 “UPrint Credits” (Fall to Fall).

If you register in the Spring only you will receive 50 UPrint Credits for the semester.

If you register for Summer sessions, you will have an additional 20 UPrint credits per session.

Credits expire at the end of the school year or session and do not carry over to the next school year.

Special programs and courses: Please check with the proper school for special allocations if needed.

One (1) UPrint credit is equivalent to $1.00

What is the cost for printing/copying?
There is no cost for printing/copying, unless you exceed your allowance. Once allowance is exceeded, the rates are as follows:

How can I purchase extra UPrint Credits?
If you use all of you UPrint credits before the end of the school year (or your registered period), you cannot buy extra “UPrint Credits”. But, you can use your CaneExpress dollars. If you continue to use the UPrint service after using up all your allocation, your Cane express account will be charged at the rates shown above. 

When adding funds to my CaneExpress account, how long will it take before the credit shows up in UPrint?
Adding funds to your CaneExpress account with a credit card, is automatic and will show up within a few minutes.

How can I check my UPrint Credit balance?
At the UPrint box on the printer, select “account” to see your balance. You will see your remaining UPrint credit balance. Once your UPrint credits are depleted, your Cane Express balance will show.

You can also go to MyUM and select UPrint to see your separate UPrint balance and your transactions. How to check your balance on MyUM

What do I do if I run out of credits during a print job?
If you are running low on UPrint Credits, you can check on MyUM or on the screen of the printer to see what your balance is. You can add funds to your CaneExpress, and use it to pay for the services at the same rate using your CaneExpress dollars.

I am having trouble printing. What should I do?
Most troubleshooting issues can be solved by the lab managers. Students should request help from the lab managers. If you are printing in a Lab where no manager is available, and you have printing problems, you can go to any other lab on campus where a lab manager is available and print from there. You can also contact the UPrint Support Help Desk at 305-284-6751, during normal business hours. You can also fill out the online UPrint Feedback Form to receive assistance.

How do I log in?
You log in with your Cane ID (MyUM username) and your Cane ID password.

If you are sure that you are using the correct log in credentials, and still have issues logging into the UPrint system, go to the UPrint website ( www.miami.edu/Uprint) and select the UPrint Feedback Form. Please include your name, UM email address, and C number.

Pop-up windows are not appearing. What do I do?
If you are using your laptop to print and the pop up windows indicated on this website do not show up, it indicates a problem with the installation of the driver. Make sure you selected the right one. We suggest that you completely delete the previous driver, and repeat the procedure again. If this does not solve the issue, you can ask for help at the CaneNet Connection or visit them in first floor of the Ungar Building. You can also use the Uprint Feedback Form.

Can I use UPrint with Windows 64?
Yes. A 64 bit driver is provided here: UPrint Windows Drivers

Can I use UPrint with Mountain Lion 10.8?
Yes. See Mac driver instructions web page.

Please check with CaneNet Connection (UC Building, 1st Floor) for guidance through the driver installation process, if needed. You can also reach them via phone at (305) 284-8887 or email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). You can also download the proper driver from our website and follow the instructions for installation.

For additional information, or for questions you may have that are not answered above, please use the UPrint Feedback Form, email UPrint Support at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 305-284-6751.

Richter Library, Room 127
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Telephone: 305-284-6751
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)