Addressing U.S. Mail

  * Type or computer generate address in ALL capital letters with NO punctuation, in 12 point type. Courier is the recommended font, but other fixed space, sans serif fonts are acceptable.
  * The order or the address lines is important! The two bottom lines MUST be the delivery address and the city/state/ZIP+4. There should be no text below the bottom line.
  * Handwriting an address may be convenient, but typing or computer generating the address will result in better service.
  * The addressing standards apply to all types of US mail, such as parcels, Express Mail, Priority Mail and certified, registered and insured mail.

Addressing Campus Mail

  * Locator Code and department are REQUIRED on all campus mail.
  * Please avoid acronyms and abbreviations. There are many departments with similar names.
  * Use official campus (interoffice) mail envelopes.