Show your UM Pride this Homecoming!  Join The Department of Auxiliary Services, Logo Licensing, for the 4th Annual Canes Spirit Day to be held Wednesday, October 29, 2014.  The goal of Canes Spirit Day is to celebrate and promote the traditions and excellence of the University of Miami.  This fun filled day will bring the campuses and community to life, build camaraderie as we all share our enthusiasm and support for the University, our academic and athletic programs. Follow us on Facebook Canes Spirit Day  Follow us also on Instagram @CanesSpiritDay.

Canes Spirit Day - Proclamation

Canes Spirit Day Photo Contests – Visit Instagram @CanesSpiritDay to see the seven categories you can enter (#theUstudent, #theUphotobomb, #UMstudentgroup, #TheUemployee, #UMemployeegroup, #theAlumni, #Udogsvscats) Enter your best UM themed photo for a chance to win great prizes.  Wear your best UM gear; be creative!  Likes will determine winners!  Deadline to submit photos is November 3, 2014 by 5:00pm.  Check your photo on November 11, 2014 after 5 pm to see if you have won. Winning photos will be displayed on this web page, Instagram @CanesSpiritDay, & the Canes Spirit Day Facebook page, and 1st place winners will be displayed at the halftime of the November 29th UM vs. Pitt. football game.
Canes Spirit Day Photo Contest - Flyer

Submit your Canes Spirit Day contest photo through Instagram (your Instagram account will need to be set to public) by entering the Hashtag of the category (#theUstudent, #theUphotobomb, #UMstudentgroup, #TheUemployee, #UMemployeegroup, #theAlumni, #Udogsvscats) in the caption section of the photo you are submitting, do not forget to like your photo by double tapping it.

Many Thanks to all our sponsors, University of Miami Athletics, Fermata Partners, Chartwells, Coke Cola, Gilly Vending, University of Miami Bookstore, Global Spectrum, Fanatics, Stadium Cribs, Dick’s Sporting Goods, & AllCanes.

2014 Categories, Prizes

#UMstudentgroup - Best Student Organization/Group Photo- a Chartwells catered lunch for up to 20 people.
ACS Student Group Winner
#UMemployeegroup - Best Department Team Photo- a Chartwells catered lunch for up to 20 people.
Hireacane Toppel Department WInner
#theUstudent - Student Best Spirit Photo - (1st $75 UM Bookstore gift card. 2nd $50 Fanatics gift card, 3rd $25 AllCanes gift card, 4th $25 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card)
1st place Student Winner
2nd place Student Winner
3rd place Student Winner
4th place Student Winner
#theUphotobomb - Student Best U PhotoBomb - (1st $75 UM Bookstore gift card. 2nd $50 Fanatics gift card, 3rd $25 AllCanes gift card, 4th $25 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card)
1st place Student PhotoBomb Winner
2nd place Student PhotoBomb Winner
3rd place Student PhotoBomb Winner
4th place Student PhotoBomb Winner
#theUemployee - Faculty/Staff Best Spirit Photo - (1st 4 Football club level seats to Virginia Tech next year. 2nd $75 UM Bookstore gift card. 3rd $50 Fanatics gift card, 4th $25 AllCanes gift card)
1st place Faculty/Staff Winner
2nd place Faculty/Staff Winner
3rd place Faculty/Staff Winner
4th place Faculty/Staff Winner
#theUMalumni - Alumni Best Spirit Photo - (1st 4 UM Home Basketball tickets to FSU. 2nd 4 UM Baseball chairback tickets to the game of your choosing. 3rd $25 AllCanes gift card. 4th $25 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card.
1st place Alumni Winner
2nd place Alumni Winner
3rd place Alumni Winner
4th place Alumni Winner
#Udogsvscats -  Best UM themed Dog & Best UM themed Cat - 1st Dog - UM Stadium crib. 1st Cat - UM Stadium crib
1st place Dog Winner
1st place Cat Winner

2013 Categories, Prizes, & Winners:

TAU BETA SIGMA Student Group Winner
PIRA Department WInner
Samantha Starling Student Winner
Harry Levine Student 2nd place
Monica Hoo Student 3rd place
Alex Soro Student 4th place
Andre Allie Student 5th place
Joseph Choi Student 6th place
Abbigail Student 7th place
Stephanie Rivas Faculty/Staff Winner
Edith Candelaria Faculty/Staff 2nd place
Adrienne Vazquez Faculty/Staff 3rd place
Desiree Burch Faculty/Staff 4th place
Monica Inguanzo Faculty/Staff 5th place
Titanya Ramsingh Pierce Faculty/Staff 6th place
Gema Balbin Faculty/Staff 7th place
Noreen Dupriest Alumni Winner
the Couple Alumni 2nd place
Sharonda Boone Alumni 3rd place
Joanie Oben Alumni 4th place
Myel Mangrum Billups Alumni 5th place
Joseph Fernandez Alumni 6th place

2012 Winners:
USAP Student Group Winner
Wellness Center Department Winner
College of Engineering Department WInner
Christine Pao Student Winner
Curtis Nanney Student Runner up
Elena Fajardo Staff Winner
Dorothy Lewis Staff Winner
Monica Inguanzo Staff Winner
Trenna Dixon Staff Runner up
Edith Candelaria Alumni Winner
Susan Montes Alumni Runner up

2011 Winners:
Student Group Photo Winner
Employee Group Photo Winner
Student 1st Place Photo
Student 2nd Place Photo
Staff 1st Place Photo
Staff 2nd Place Photo
Alumni 1st Place Photo
Alumni 2nd Place Photo