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Excavating Jurash

Eroded by the elements and the march of time, the ruins at Jurash in southwest Saudi Arabia still held a trove of ancient artifacts just awaiting discovery.…

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The office of Logo Licensing is part of the Auxiliary Services Department and exists to protect the name and marks of the University of Miami(UM) and to enhance the image of the University through the signing of licensing agreements on behalf of the Curators authorizing the use of the marks on high quality and tasteful merchandise. It is also the responsibility of the office to insure that the University receives the appropriate commercial value for the use of its trademarks and to actively enforce the unauthorized use of marks/name and logos of the University.

UM requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain prior approval before producing any product(s) that will display UM Indicia; regardless of the method of distribution.

This formal licensing program is administered through Logo Licensing and when used for commercial purposes in partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).

About CLC

CLC is the nation’s leading collegiate licensing and marketing representative. Formed in 1981, CLC assists collegiate licensors in protecting and controlling the use of their logos through trademark licensing.

The CLC Consortium consists of more than 192 universities, bowl games, conferences, the NCAA and the Heisman Trophy. Based in Atlanta, CLC provides its member institutions the expertise, resources and experience necessary to maximize licensing revenue potential through the power of consolidation.

Licensing Agreements

There are several types of licensing agreements. The following agreements are administered by The Collegiate Licensing Company. The Logo Licensing Office will aid individuals, companies, departments and organizations in securing the proper agreement and forms. Types of agreements include:

  • Standard - Intended for companies that are capable of extensive production and retail distribution of their product(s) and/or are introducing a unique and commercially viable product to the collegiate market.
  • Local - Intended for companies that desire to obtain a license with an institution located in their immediate in-state marketplace.
  • Restricted - Intended for companies that wish to produce items purchased by institutions for internal use only. A restricted licensee is not permitted to sell product(s), to retailers, direct to consumers, to nonexempt school departments, or to any entity unrelated to an institution.