Petty Cash

Petty Cash Fund is a cash advance made to a full-time University employee for the purpose of conveniently making small purchases of goods and services in accordance with University policy and procedures.  Petty cash funds are requested through the submission of an eCheck in UMeNet.


-  Opening a Petty Cash Fund Account

    - Petty Cash Deduction Authorization Form
    - Petty Cash Fund Form
    - Petty Cash Profile Form
    - Petty Cash Research Participant Payment Questionnaire

-  Replenishing Petty Cash Funds

    - Excel Spreadsheet for Research Participant Payment
    - W9
    - Petty Cash eCheck Instructions

-  Closing a Petty Cash Fund

    - Petty Cash Batch Control Form for Journal Entry
    - Petty Cash Journal Entry Form to reduce petty cash fund