eCHECK Request FAQs

1. When can I use an eCHECK Request?

Payee Information:

2. How do I permanently update the incorrect Payee information (name, tax ID/social security number, address) listed in UMeNET? 
3. Which Payee do I select when the Payee search comes back with similar results? 
4. What do I do if the name and tax ID/social security number are correct, but the address is wrong?
5. How do I create a new Payee?

Account/Sub Object Code Information:

6. What do I do if my sub object code isn’t available under the payment type I selected? 
7. What do I do if my account number isn’t appearing in eCHECK Request? 
8. How do I correct or update my account’s approval flow?
9. How do I split my accounting information among multiple accounts or sub object codes?

Tax Information:

10. When do I need to provide the Payee’s Tax ID, Social Security, or UM ID Number? 
11. When do I need to submit a W-9 or a copy of the individual’s social security card as part of my backup documentation?

Delivery Options:

12. What is an enclosure? 
13. How do I send an original enclosure out with my eCHECK Request? 
14. How can I have the check interofficed back to my department?
15. Where do I send original enclosures and Fed Ex envelopes?

Special eCHECK Requests:

16. Are there any special instructions for eCHECK Request payable to the Department of Homeland Security? 
17. What special information needs to be entered when completing a Petty Cash eCHECK Request? 

Post Submission eCHECK Request Information:

18. How do I close out a Petty Cash Fund?
19. What do I need to do with the eCheck backup documentation? 
20. Where do I find the Summary Page? 
21. What needs to be done if my eCHECK Request has been denied? 
22. When will the check write?
23. Where’s my check? How can I find out when my check was written and when it was delivered? 
24. How can I view a copy of the check?