eCHECK Request (Check Requisitions)

Electronic Check Requisition or eCHECK Request is a form located within UMeNet used to request checks for payments to vendors and University of Miami employees for petty cash funds. eCHECK Request aids in electronic submission and approval of check requests reducing the time taken to produce a check and reducing mail delays.  Users are able to track the status of the document throughout the approval process. eCHECK Requests are not used for services as those need to go through the purchasing system.

Disbursements No Longer Required Hardcopy Receipts for eCheck Requests

        -  Documentation Procedural Change FAQs

Promotion of Fiscal Year 2013 Changes to eCheck System

- University of Miami Payment Matrix


-  Preparing an eCHECK Request
    - Click here to prepare an eCHECK Request
    - eCHECK Request Help Document
    - eCHECK Request User’s Guide
    - eCHECK Request Menu in DMAS

-  Approving an eCHECK Request
    - Click here to approve a pending eCHECK Request
    - eCHECK Request Approver To Do List
    - eCHECK Request Approver’s Guide
    - eCHECK Request Menu in DMAS


- Voided Checks and Stop Payment

- Valid Object Codes

- Valid Account Controls