Electronic Business Expense Reimbursement Form or eBERF is a form located within UMeNet used to request reimbursement for business related expenses incurred by employees.  eBERF is also used to reconcile travel and entertainment related expenses incurred on the University Travel Card. eBERF aids in speedy electronic submission and approval of business expense reimbursements and payments and employees are able to track the status of the document throughout the approval process.

Disbursements No Longer Required Hardcopy Receipts for eBERF Requests

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Preparing an eBERF

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    - Creating an eBERF
    - Reconciling Travel Card Charges
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Approving an eBERF

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    - Approving an eBERF
    - Adjust/Reject Expenses in eBERF
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Reimbursement Information

Travel Card

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