PCard Type Purchases
Individual PCard
Listed below are some typical purchases made by University of Miami employees:

-  Tools and hardware (i.e., Home Depot)
-  Magazine/Journal Subscriptions
-  Advertisement
-  Books
-  Membership Dues
-  Computer Software
-  Computer Hardware (not to exceed $2,000)
-  Office Supplies (i.e. Office Depot, OfficeMax, etc.).  Please note if you are making a purchase with Apricot Office Supplies, you do not need to give them your individual PCard number.  We have an internal payment mechanism already in place with Apricot.
-  Postage
-  Flowers
-  Registration Fees (i.e. conference/seminar registration and/or deposit for conference participation). Please note payment cannot be made to hotels because the SIC Code for hotels are blocked from the PCard.  The transaction must exclude hotel accommodation and meals.
-  Office Equipment (e.g. calculators)
-  Freight/package deliveries carriers

Note- Printer Purchases need to go through Managed Print Services. Please complete and submit the form at the following:
Equipment Request form
Managed Print Services(MPS)