AMEX to Travel Card transition FAQs
When will my AMEX Card be cancelled?

AMEX Cards will be cancelled effective August 31st, 2011.

What should I do with my current AMEX Card after cancellation?

All cards that are cancelled must be cut in half and returned to the Manager of University Corporate Cards office at 750 Gables One Tower, Locator 2978, Coral Gables Campus, Attn: Hazel Burgess.

What should I do if I wish to keep my AMEX card along with my earned rewards?

Cardholders may apply for a personal AMEX card at and request that the Membership Rewards be linked to the new AMEX card account. 

Will I lose my rewards if I don’t get a personal AMEX card?

All rewards must be redeemed or transferred after 30 days from the cancellation date; otherwise, they will be forfeited.

What should I do if I have outstanding balances after my card account is cancelled?

All outstanding balances with American Express must be paid in full.  Note that a delinquent balance may result in negative credit reporting for the cardholder.

What should I do if I have recurring charges/automatic pay set up with my AMEX Card Number?

Direct bill or recurring charges linked to the card must be transferred to another card to avoid non-payment of bills.  Please contact the Merchant and make alternate arrangements for bill payment before the card cancellation date.

What methods of payment for University travel expenses do I have available to use after the AMEX Corporate Card is cancelled?

The University has launched a new Travel Card (MasterCard), offered through U.S. Bank, to facilitate the payment for University related travel expenses.  Employees who travel on University business should apply for this Travel Card no later than August 1st to ensure that you maintain the ability to pay for these expenses.

How do I apply for the Travel Card?

Application process and information regarding the Travel Card program can be found at