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Architecture of Autism

Uncovering a Common Mutation The symptoms are gradual and insidious. An infant or toddler begins to withdraw from social interaction and to take refuge…

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Applied Nutrition for Health and Performance

KIN 202 Section P 3 credits Undergraduate
Wesley Smith

Study nutrition, diet analysis, biochemical processes in energy metabolism, nutrition and health problems.  See the correlation of nutrition as it relates to physical performance.  Find out how nutrition links to chronic disease. Research the impacts of nutrition before, during and after exercise.   Look at nutritional supplements for health and performance.

Ethical Decision Making in Sport and the Proffesions

KIN 308  Section B 3 credits Undergraduate
KIN 606 Section B 3 credits Graduate
Susan Mullane   305-284-6250

Leadership often involves making difficult choices. Ego, the bottom line, and even personal feelings can obscure the reasons behind decisions that affect others’ livelihood. Closely examine motivation and ethical decision making as they relate to leadership on a personal and organizational basis. Case studies, self-assessment, and individual and group exercises provide fertile material for deep discussions on the ethical challenges leaders face every day.
Learn how to make and justify ethical decisions whether in the workplace or corporate boardroom. Gain insight into underlying motivations that drive ethical decision making, and become adept at intuiting motivational applications for real-life situations in groups and organizations.