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A New Way to Fight Cancer

Gilboa, Dodson Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and co-leader of the Tumor Immunology Program at Sylvester, working with colleagues Fernando…

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Online Screenwriting Workshop: Up Close and Personal

CMP 386 Section Y 3 credits Undergraduate
CMP 586 Section Y 3 credits Graduate
Paul Lazarus 305-284-6798

Note: This course will be held online, using Final Draft software. Registration is ongoing and the duration of the course is ten weeks. Also open to enroll in a noncredit option. For information regarding registration call 305-284-4000, or email .

Have you thought there's a terrific screenplay in your head? Do you know you have the ideas but lack only the experience to get them down in screenplay form? Have you always wanted to get expert feedback that helped shape your idea into a marketable finished product? Now all of this can be achieved online, on your time schedule. Professor Lazarus will work one-one-one to assist you in planning, outlining, and commencing your feature-length screenplay.