Front Desk Functions: Sproul Hall

Hours: 24 hours a day

Lost Card Keys: $10.00 Charge
On Check-out if you do not turn in your Card Key to the Front Desk: $10.00 Charge

Safe-Deposit Boxes: Available on a first-come first-served basis>


Times: 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Starts on Monday, July 20th through August 7th

Lunch in a designated cafeteria and is included in your package (Location not known at this time). You must have your card key with you to be swiped. You may not carry any book bags, purses, etc. into the cafeteria; there are lockers where you enter to secure your items. You are not allowed to take food or beverages out of the dining facility.

Cafeteria meal passes for guests or additional meals may be purchased on an individual basis at Front Desk of Sproul Hall. Cafeterias are not able to accept cash or credit cards.

There is also a Café in the Sunset Village where you can buy food, drinks, etc. They accept cash and prepaid UCLA cards which you can get in the Lobby of Covel or Sproul Hall via a machine.


  • You must be 21 years old to have alcoholic beverages on campus.
  • You must only have them within your own room, with the door closed.
  • You may never have open alcoholic beverages on campus.


Zero tolerance for any illegal substance. Violations will be dealt with by the Los Angeles Police Department.


Towels, linens, toilet paper, soap, pillows, blankets, bed spread are included. Housekeeping will make up your room every day. Leave used towels in a pile in the bathroom so they know what to replace. In order to facilitate daily cleaning, do not leave your personal belongings on the floor or bed.

Telephones/In-Room Internet Access

Local calls within a certain radius only from room or calls to UCLA campus extensions are complimentary. To make local calls outside the radius area and long distance calls, you must use a prepaid telephone calling card which is available for purchase at Sproul Hall.

Your cell phone is the advisable method of calling.

If you bring your own computer/laptop you may access the Internet directly via the Ethernet port in your room. In order to access the Internet, you must have the Ethernet card on your computer software. If you do not have your own Ethernet card, you can purchase one through the Business Center in the Sunset Village (where you are housed).  If you have any problems with connectivity, the Business Center should be able to help you.


No Animals, No Exceptions.

Recreational Facilities

Campus recreation facilities are available for those living on campus. Your card key allows admission on an individual basis to all recreation facilities. The John Wooden Center and Sunset Canyon Recreation Center include swimming pools, weight rooms, tennis courts, racquetball courts, and handball courts (see map for locations). Non-residential guests do not have access to recreation facilities without prior arrangement and payment.


On campus, in Sunset Village there is a small sundry shop. On the main campus is the Ackerman Student Center (an easy walk) which has everything from food, pharmacy, books, clothes, computer supplies to cards and gifts.Westwood Village is a walking distance from campus. There are movies, restaurants, stores, etc.

Prepaid UCLA Card

Use for laundry facilities, which are located in each building. use this card for any purchases on campus, at the stores or Café or Business Center.  The Prepaid UCLA Card may be purchased in the lobby of Covel or Sproul Hall via machine.


Each building has a laundry room. The machines, both washers and dryers, require a card swipe from a prepaid UCLA Card.