Go Behind the scenes and beyond the classroom!  Live and Learn in LA this summer!

LA Experience 2015
July 20 – August 7, 2015  
CMP 594 Section 88 3 credits Undergraduate/Graduate  
CMP 594 Section 89 3 credits Undergraduate/Graduate  
Paul Lazarus* plazarus@miami.edu 305-284-6798  
*Permission of Instructor Required for Registration.

Learn firsthand about the motion picture, television and new media industries from industry leaders.   Receive valuable career guidance from seasoned professionals.   Tour studios and facilities for a glimpse behind the scenes. Develop a familiarity with Los Angeles, enabling a smooth transition to living and working in this exciting city.

• Small Classes – Limited Early Enrollment Required
• Taught on the Campus of UCLA
• Meet with Industry Leaders
• Site visits to Studios and Networks
• Housed in the Dorms at UCLA- a non-smoking facility/campus

  • Intensive and Comprehensive

Note: This course will take place on site in Los Angeles,  CA. Classes and housing are on the UCLA campus (a completely tobacco-free campus). Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Los Angeles and to on-site activities. In addition to tuition for two 3 credit courses, students are also responsible for a non-refundable housing fee of $1400 (shared dorm room with connecting bath and includes daily maid service, towels, linens and daily lunches).

In addition to non-refundable housing fee, all students must be financially enrolled in BOTH 3-credit courses in order to participate.

This is an InterSession course with special dates and special drop/refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply?
A: Students must contact Professor Lazarus to sign up for an interview. Students that have completed the interview will be given application forms that must be completed and submitted to him directly. Students will be notified by the professor if they are approved to participate. Once students have been notified, they must complete the course requirements listed below within the given deadlines.

Q: What are the requirements for participation?
A: Permission from the instructor (see above); Attendance at organization meetings; Preregistration application form, non-refundable housing deposit of $1400 (check made payable to University of Miami), Field Trip Release form, financially complete registration in the two 3-credit courses: CMP594 section 88 & 89 prior to May 18, 2015. If students are not in compliance with the course requirements their spot in the program will be forfeited and their $1400 fee will not be refunded.

Q: How do I hand in my pre-registration form, deposit, and field trip release forms?
A: Students may make an appointment by email to complete this part of the process with the Special Academic Programs Office at Continuing Education: sap.cstudies@miami.edu. Please include “LA Experience” in the subject line and give at least three dates and times that work for you. We are located in Allen Hall, Room 111. Please note that students will need to walk their deposit directly to the Cashier’s Office in the Ashe Administration Building and bring a receipt back to Allen Hall so you will need to allocate at least 25-30 minutes to complete this process. We must have all deposits and supporting documents by APRIL 7, 2015.

Q: Where will we be staying in Los Angeles?
A: Students will stay in Sproul Hall on the UCLA Campus. Information about the amenities offered may be found here. An interactive map of the UCLA campus may be found here.

Q: What does my Non-Refundable $1400 fee cover?
A: This deposit does NOT go towards tuition. The $1400 covers housing for the duration of the course, some lunches, and linens/towels for use in the dorm rooms.

Q: What is the tuition cost to attend the LA Experience?
A: The estimated cost of tuition is approximately $10, 740 plus all mandatory university fees (please note tuition and fees are subject to change). Separate and in addition to the $1400 non-refundable fee above, the most up to date Tuition and Fees costs may be found on the Student Account Services website and students are responsible to contact Student Accounts directly with any questions regarding their billing. Students are also responsible for all travel and other costs affiliated with the course.

Q: Will there be additional expenses I will need to cover in Los Angeles?
A: Students will be responsible for airfare, transportation to and from airports, and site visits. Also, students will be responsible for their own meals (with the exception of lunches provided with housing plan) and entertainment. If students choose to rent a car, they will also be responsible for gas, parking, and fees.

Q: What are the required course materials?
A: Students much purchase Screen Plays by David Cohen. Please contact Professor Lazarus with any specific questions related to course content and material.

Q: When do the courses take place?
A: Student will meet from 9:30a.m.-12:00 p.m., from 1:00-3:30 p.m. beginning July 20, as well as participate in on-site activities in the evenings, to be determined at the discretion of Professor Lazarus.