Tuition and Charges Summer 2014
For the most up-to-date rates, visit the Tuition and Fees Web site.

Undergraduate Tuition

All credits (per credit hour) $1,730*

Graduate Tuition

All credits (per credit hour) $1,730*

Audit Work

No degree credit and nonrefundable.
Tuition, per course $1,730*

Student Center Fee - Per Session


Health and Counseling
Center Fees -
Per session


Student Activity Fee - Per Session

$ 10.00*

Health Insurance fee


*All tuition and fees are subject to change.

For the most up-to-date rates,
visit the Tuition and Fees Web site.

Students are responsible for their tuition and fees upon registration (billing is online in CaneLink). Tuition charges are assessed based on the number of credits for which the student is enrolled. Undergraduate, graduate, law day, law evening, and medical students have different rates. Other special programs have special rates. For rates of special programs, see the announcements that are published concerning these components of the University's academic program.

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Financial Aid

Continuing and new incoming students who wish to apply for need-based financial assistance during the summer terms must submit a 2013-2014 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can apply online at Assistance during the summer terms is limited, consisting primarily of Federal Direct Stafford Loans, parent and graduate PLUS Loans, and student employment opportunities. 

To request Stafford Loans for the summer terms students must complete the Summer Loan Request Form online at Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least six credits in any combination across the summer terms to qualify for need based financial assistance and graduate students must be enrolled in at least 2 credits.

Partial Federal Pell Grant awards are only available to students who did not use 100% of their full time Pell Grant eligibility throughout the 2013-2014 fall and spring terms.  Eligibility will be determined by the Office of Financial Assistance Services. 

For further information regarding financial assistance please contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services at 305-284-5212, or .

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General Summer Federal Work Study Information

Summer Federal Work Study (FWS) eligibility is based on the preceding academic year's eligibility. A student must have the preceding academic year's FASFA on file and demonstrate summer financial need in order to be awarded. If a student is enrolled in summer classes at UM, the Office of Financial Assistance Services will review summer FWS eligibility automatically and notify the student.

Students who are not enrolled in summer classes at UM and believed to be eligible (if eligible during the preceding academic year) may complete a Summer FWS Appeals form. Students are awarded depending on availability of Federal funds. Check the Office of Student Employment website for additional information, summer dates, pay periods, etc. at

Law and Medical students will be reviewed for summer FWS by their respective financial aid offices and eligibility criteria.

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Tuition Refund
Semester Refund Schedules

Students who have advised the appropriate University department of their withdrawal, through 60 percent of the semester, will receive credit for tuition and eligible financial aid funds using a prorated calculation based on the basis of attendance. This policy is reviewed annually and subject to change. For additional informatin visit

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Return of Unearned Financial Aid

Title IV funds will be returned in accordance with the federal regulations. All other aid will be returned based on the tuition refund percentage. For more Information please select the “Refund Schedule” and “Refund Policy” tabs on for additional information.

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