IEP Students workingThe University of Miami's (UM) Intensive English Program (IEP) has 5 levels. The IEP offers 14-week sessions that begin in August, January and May. These terms are approximately 14 weeks long. The IEP also offers 6-week courses. These begin in October, February and June. These terms are usually 6 weeks long and can only be attended by new IEP students.

Students complete one level per session. On the first day the session, new students will take placement test to determine their level. The placement test includes listening, reading, writing and an oral interview.

Naturally, a student's length of study in IEP will depend upon at what level he or she enters the program; however, a student that begins in Level 1 and progresses through the levels without repeating a level will finish in approximately one year and a half (5 levels).

Successful completion of the IEP's 5th level meets the English language requirement for undergraduate admission to the University of Miami. In addition to completing the IEP's Level 5, applicants must also meet the University's other academic requirements.