This placement test is designed to give the University of Miami Intensive Language Institute a quick way of assessing the approximate level of your knowledge of English grammar and your ability to write and speak English. After you submit the test, someone from our offices will contact you to assess your spoken English level.

This placement test applies to NON-CREDIT classes only!

This test has two parts:

Part I is a multiple-choice exercise in grammar and structure of varying degree of difficulty.

Part II is a writing exercise to evaluate your vocabulary and written expression in English. Since this is the written portion of the test, we recommend that you type out your essay first in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc., and once you have completed the test, copy and paste your essay into the text box provided for Part II.

Please allow 60 minutes to complete the entire test. Please make sure to answer all the questions; all the fields are required and you cannot submit the test without completing them all. This test is used for placement purposes only.

Please make sure to provide your name, email and phone number so that we may contact you to discuss your score.

Part I Directions:
Select the appropriate response to each question and mark all your answers on the answer sheet. There is only one possible answer for each question.

Please make sure to provide your name, email and phone number so that we may contact you to discuss your score.

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Required questions are marked with an (*).

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* 1. He ________ twenty five years old.

a. have

b. is

c. has

d. am


* 2. Are you happy today? Yes,_____.

a. I do

b. I are

c. I am

d. I'm


* 3. ____cold in your country?

a. Is

b. It is

c. Its

d. Is it


* 4. I don't have _____ money today.

a. a

b. any

c. no

d. many


* 5. The dresses are ____________.

a. beautifuls

b. a beautiful

c. no beautiful

d. beautiful


* 6. __________ a wife?

a. Has he

b. He have

c. Does he has

d. Does he have


* 7. What _______ last night?

a. do you do

b. you did

c. did you do

d. do you did


* 8. Miss Universe is __________.

a. very pretty

b. too pretty

c. enough pretty

d. the more pretty


* 9. I am going to London ________ June.

a. on

b. in

c. at

d. from


* 10. I ________ to the party yesterday.

a. didn't went

b. didn't go

c. don't went

d. did went


* 11. I _________ English is an important language.

a. am thinking

b. thinks

c. am think

d. think


* 12. My father wants _______ English quickly.

a. that I learn

b. I learn

c. me to learn

d. me learning


* 13. My friend __________ the car right now.

a. washes

b. washing

c. is washing

d. wash


* 14. Birds ______ south in the winter.

a. flies

b. flys

c. fly

d. is flying


* 15. My brother _______ to Los Angeles in two days.

a. is travel

b. will travel

c. traveling

d. will travels


* 16. I need to buy __________ jeans.

a. a

b. many

c. a pair of

d. one


* 17. I think English is ________ Japanese.

a. more easy than

b. easier than

c. easy than

d. more easier than


* 18. John ___________ a new car two weeks ago.

a. will buy

b. buyed

c. buys

d. bought


* 19. The telephone rang while he _______ dinner.

a. eats

b. is eating

c. was eating

d. were eating


* 20. I think there _______ an earthquake in two years.

a. is

b. happen

c. will be

d. will have


* 21. I enjoy __________ soccer.

a. to play

b. playing

c. play

d. game


* 22. He plans _________ to the university next year.

a. will go

b. going

c. go

d. to go


* 23. If he is here at noon, I ______ with him.

a. would go

b. go

c. would have gone

d. will go


* 24. If he were here now, I ________ with him.

a. would go

b. go

c. would have gone

d. should have gone


* 25. The man is in the hospital. He ________ to the doctor sooner.

a. should go

b. must go

c. would have gone

d. should have gone


* 26. I am going to take my umbrella because it _______ rain.

a. must

b. might

c. should

d. has to


* 27. When I was a child, I ________ run very fast.

a. use to

b. used to

c. am used to

d. were used to


* 28. I ____________ speaking Spanish at the office.

a. used to

b. am used to

c. use

d. use to


* 29. How long ____________ in Miami?

a. you live

b. have lived

c. you lived

d. have you lived


* 30. What ___________? It means big.

a. means "huge"

b. does mean "huge"

c. is mean "huge"

d. does "huge" mean


* 31. _________ from your country to Miami? One thousand miles.

a. How long it is

b. How distance it is

c. How far is it

d. Where is it


* 32. ______________? Five feet and nine inches tall.

a. How high are you

b. How is your height

c. What is your tall

d. What is your height


* 33. A lot of oil _____________ in the Middle East.

a. produces

b. produced

c. is produced

d. is producing


* 34. I suggest that he _______ to the doctor now.

a. goes

b. is going

c. going

d. go


* 35. Bob and Susan insisted that we not ______ our valuables with us on the trip.

a. taken

b. took

c. take

d. had taken


* Part II. Writing Placement Test
Read the topic below and write a paragraph or essay in English. Remember to develop and organize your ideas and check your essay for spelling and grammar. Write as much as you can to make your ideas clear.

Some people think television is good for children. Other people think television is bad for children. What do you think and why? Explain your opinion and tell why.

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