Spring 2015

Introduction to Intercultural Communication

COS 343, Section 91
Professor: Valerie Giroux

Day/Time: Saturday, 11:00AM - 1:35PM
Wolfson 4026
Course Overview: Introduction to communication among people from diverse cultures. Application of communication theory to intercultural sensitivity and cultural diversity is emphasized.
Class Note: For BGS / Continuing Studies Students Only

Development of Western Civilization, II

HIS 132, Section 91
Professor: Jeremy Gates

Day/Time: Saturday 11:00AM - 1:35PM
Dooley Memorial 103
Course Overview: A survey of the development of the West from the formation of modern European nation states in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the present, emphasizing the rivalry of European powers, the impact of European expansion, the effect of industrialism and revolution upon Western society, and the role of the New World.
Class Note: For BGS / Continuing Studies Students Only

Special Topics - Controversies in Public Policy

POL 599, Section 91
Professor: Jonathan West

Day/Time: Saturday, 8:35AM - 10:55AM
Dooley Memorial 119
Course Overview: A seminar in Comparative Politics; designed to give the student a greater degree of insight and knowledge of a particular subject and to develop ability in the techniques of individual research, group discussion and analysis. The senior seminars may be taken in any sequence.
Class Note: For BGS / Continuing Studies Students Only