How To Access Your Online Courses

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Blackboard is a course management system (CMS), used for course Web sites on all University campuses.
Blackboard allows course instructors to post syllabi, readings and assignments in an access-limited, protected Web environment. (It should not be confused with the ULearn system, which provides somewhat similar functionality for employee training.)


Blackboard is available to all University faculty, staff and students. You will use your Cane ID (usually your first initial and last name) and password to log in. More detailed login help is available on the Blackboard site or from its Help Desk (see below).
Access to specific course sites on Blackboard is provided when you register for a course (if you are a student) or when a course is calendared by the Registrar (if you are an instructor).


Detailed instructions for use of Blackboard are available from links on the login screen. Use link above.


The Blackboard Help Desk can be reached at or 305-284-3949. The Blackboard self-service Trouble Ticket system is at